1. How long does it take to install the windows and doors?

In most cases each window can be installed in less than one hour. Sliding glass doors usually take about two to three hours.

2. How long have you been in business?

Vinyl View Company, Inc is a family owned and operated business for more than thirty plus years in the window business and thirty plus years in the construction industry.

3. What is a retro-fit window?

A retro-fit window is a window that is custom made to fit into an existing opening, without causing stucco damage. It enables us to replace almost any window at a much lower cost than traditional methods would.

4. What is low-e glass?

It is a specific glass option that can reduce approx. 90% of the U.V. rays of the sun from entering your home and it also blocks the radiant heat from escaping.

Low e- is for low-emissive coating that is applied to one side of our dual pane windows. This microscopic coating filters sunlight in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter saving you money on energy costs.

5. Do you subcontract your labor?

No subcontractors. This allows us to offer you a professional installation with experienced installers. Owner is also there as part of our service and your satisfaction.

6. Will there be any stucco damage?

There will be no stucco damage if you are replacing your current windows with retro-fit windows.

7. Do windows come in any color?

Colors are: White, chocolate, ivory, taupe, and Tan. We also offer the Fiberglass windows which are available in a variety of colors.

8. Can I buy one window?

Yes. We can sell you as many as you like but to get a good discount and bring savings to you is better if you buy a four window minimum.

9. Can you convert a window to a door/vice versa?

Yes we can.

10. Do you guarantee your windows for lifetime?

Yes. We do since all the windows that we sell come with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl View Company, Inc. Also guarantees its labor to the original homeowner for as long as they own that home.

11. Will I save on my energy bill?

Yes, Since these windows are energy efficient. Therefore, you will see a reduction in your cooling and heating bills.

12.-Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discovery. We also accept checks.

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